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Neol meolli, neol meollihaeyaman naega sumeul swindago. With his gun, with his head held high He told me not to cry Oh, my daddy said shoot Oh, my daddy said shoot With his right hand on his rifle He swore it on the bible My daddy said shoot Oh, my daddy said shoot He held me in his arms And he taught me to be strong He told me when he's gone Here's what you do When trouble comes to town And men like me come around Oh, my daddy said shoot Oh, my daddy said shoot Oh, oh, oh Daddy made me fight It wasn't always right But he said girl it's your second amendment, oh, oh, oh He always played it cool But daddy was no fool And right before he died he said remember The singer called it quits with G-Eazy for the second time in October The singer released her debut solo track earlier this year. Oh, oh baby [Chorus] Baby!

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