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With 19 Recordings continuing to manage him, [8] DeWyze chose to take an optimistic view of the situation and saw it as an opportunity to finally make the record that he had always wanted to make. The new album "Frames" by Lee DeWyze is a brilliant collection of songs. I'm happy that these 1. Feeling that he had been misunderstood as an artist, he returned to a folk rock sound, more comparable to what had been present on his independent albums.

Many consider the two tracks to be classic Rambo: Between and , he represented Yugoslavia in numerous international regattas. In your face profanity and descriptive cursing was also par for the course, making this the first major music release in former Yugoslavia to take such narrative liberties. He ultimately failed to make the Eurovision final. That appearance in December was the first post-war visit by a Serbian-Montenegrin performer to the Muslim part of Bosnia.

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